Community Boathouse

Let's build a boathouse worthy of our river and the community

Imagine a landmark community boathouse at the center of a network of land and water trails: a home for our local boating clubs to grow and for everyone who loves getting out on the river. It’s in Petaluma’s General Plan and the River Access Plan, and PSCC is working to get it built. A public boathouse will be a tremendous investment in community close to home, creating meaningful opportunities for recreation, education, public access, and economic vitality.

Boathouses across the country:

Here people can meet to launch out on the water and explore their boating interests, develop their skills, and share in the fellowship of sport, recreation, and nature. Here PSCC will store and maintain a varied fleet of watercraft, including boats for rent. For the community, the boathouse will also offer public restrooms, river access, plenty of dock space and storage, a repair shop, classrooms and meeting spaces, locker rooms with showers, an observation deck and a picnic area.

The community boathouse will be the nexus of the local boating community, where our local groups can do what they do best: “put butts in boats”. Right now, they’re ready to grow and serve the community with additional programming, but can’t, because none have a permanent home or adequate facilities.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Where will the boathouse be located?
How big will the boathouse be?

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Site and Facilities Criteria for the Petaluma Community Boathouse

Note: The following criteria frame the general needs of the Petaluma Community Boathouse. The actual site will ultimately determine the nature of the facilities, river access for small craft and people, and parking needs.

Waterside considerations
Boat storage considerations
Additional “grounds space” considerations
Facilities considerations
Workshop considerations
Parking considerations

Who benefits from river access?

Wanderers, voters, birders, swimmers (sometimes unintentionally!) Cyclists, community leaders, water contemplators, kids! Picnickers, collegiate competitors, friends, mud-lovers, tide observers. Rowers, ecologists & biologists, canoeists, businesspeople. Hikers, fishermen and women, homeowners, kayakers, environmental advocates, fitness enthusiasts. Naturalists, coaches, photographers… and what about you?