PSCC leades the initiative for a more walkable, bikeable, boatable river.

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PSCC Floathouse location view 1We’re here to get you out on the water on people-powered boats and boards. We hold boating and social events year round, including summer camps and races! Join us on “Sonoma County’s Longest Park”: the Petaluma River. See the calendar for details. Visit our Facebook page to keep up with progress towards The Floathouse, a board and boat rental center planned for Petaluma’s turning basin. Check out the plans for the Community Boathouse downriver, our second planned facility.  Let’s make every day “A Day on The River”!

Rowers warm up at Turkey Relay 2012. photo by Gordon Masor

Rowers warm up for 2012 Turkey Relays

2015 River Access Raffle Drawing Party @ Lagunitas Brewery Upstairs Tap Room
Sep 6 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Great prizes, all from our generous and supportive community!

Great prizes, all from our generous and supportive community!

The 2015 River Access Raffle drawing party will be held in the upstairs tap room at Lagunitas, from 6-8 pm. You don’t have to be present to win, but $20 gets you two hours of beer and food, plus great company! Join us for the festivities and find out if you’re a winner!

You can buy tickets from Maggie Hohle, Greg Sabourin, Petaluma Mail Depot, Clavey Paddlesports, or Petaluma SUP at the Marina. (Find Maggie and Greg on Facebook!) Or, if you like, donate online and we’ll fill in your ticket stub and drop it in the raffle bucket. We’ll have a guest list at the raffle party.

10th Annual Wine Country Rowing Classic @ Petaluma Marina
Oct 4 @ 7:00 am – 2:30 pm

This annual event brings 600+ athletes to Petaluma. Come watch it from Shollenberger Park!

Wine Country Rowing Classic 2012

Wine Country Rowing Classic 2012

Each year PSCC member North Bay Rowing Club and SSU Crew co-host the Annual Wine Country Rowing Classic, a 5,000-meter “head” race on the first Sunday in October, attracting dozens of clubs and 500 athletes. Rowers can sign up on regatta central for this US Rowing-registered regatta. The event is free to the spectating public, who get the best views from Shollenberger Park.

Local businesses and organizations that support this world-class event are the Petaluma Wetlands Alliance, manning the paths at Shollenberger Park for spectators; The Petaluma Marina; Community Bikes Petaluma; the Petaluma Sheriff’s Department; the Sonoma County Coast Guard Auxiliary; food and apparel vendors and the Petaluma Sheraton.

Results, competitors, event lists and more from past years can be seen on Regatta Central.

Roostertail Drag Races in Petaluma @ Cavanagh Landing Park,
Oct 11 @ 8:30 am – 2:30 pm

KidsKayakKampGraduationDay-0171River Town Racers’ premier K1 sprint event.  Organized like a drag race, with qualifying and eliminations, between the Turning Basin and a point 800m downstream.  Starts early and is followed by a 5K sprint for any watercraft and no-host lunch at Dempsey’s. For details email

Who uses the River?

Wanderers… voters… birders… swimmers (sometimes unintentionally!)… cyclists… community leaders… water-contemplators… kids… picnickers… collegiate competitors… friends… mud-lovers… tide-observers… rowers… ecologists and biologists… canoeists… businesspeople… hikers… fishermen… homeowners… kayakers… environmental advocates… fitness enthusiasts… outdoor lovers… athletic coaches… photographers… and what about you?