Annual Wine Country Rowing Classic

PSCC leads the initiative for a more walkable, bikeable, boatable river.

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Annual Wine Country Rowing Classic

Each year, on the first Sunday in October, PSCC member North Bay Rowing Club and SSU Crew co-host the Annual Wine Country Rowing Classic, a 5,000-meter “head” race.

The results of the 2013 regatta are here. As always, it was free to the spectating public, who got the best views from Shollenberger Park.

The first race began at 8:30 about 4,500 meters south of the viewing platform, and the last one at around 1:30. In what is becoming a tradition, PSCC’s executive director, Greg Sabourin, hosted a VIP tour of the Wine Country Rowing Classic (and PSCC project sites) in his classic yacht.

Boats launch and land at the Petaluma Marina and vendors sell athletic clothing in the Petaluma Sheraton/Marina parking lot. Petaluma Wetlands Alliance docents help PSCC by manning the paths, and Community Bikes Petaluma often provides a bike corral and operates a pedicab for a fee for those who want to get to their destinations in comfort and style.


Who benefits from river access?

Wanderers, voters, birders, swimmers (sometimes unintentionally!) Cyclists, community leaders, water contemplators, kids! Picnickers, collegiate competitors, friends, mud-lovers, tide observers. Rowers, ecologists & biologists, canoeists, businesspeople. Hikers, fishermen and women, homeowners, kayakers, environmental advocates, fitness enthusiasts. Naturalists, coaches, photographers… and what about you?