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PSCC offers access, education, recreation, economic development--and fun!

The Floathouse will be a beacon of boating for our river town.

The Floathouse will be a beacon of boating for our river town.


The Petaluma Small Craft Center, PSCC, is a local non-profit group of river enthusiasts and advocates whose mission is to make the Petaluma River more accessible to everyone who loves small boats, through on-the-water programming and the development of a rental center and a community boathouse. Through its events, activities, and advocacy, PSCC leads the community in bringing together people and boats on the Petaluma River.


Petaluma is a river town. From its southern tidal marshes to the city’s urban waterfront, the river that gave our city life is also one of our community’s most important public open spaces: a linear park at it’s very heart. What’s wonderful today will be even better tomorrow, with a vibrant water trail linking together a network of green spaces and gathering spots, small boat landings, and cultural and recreational landmarks along the waterfront that includes a small craft rental center and a community boathouse.

Momentum is gathering for greater public access to the Petaluma River, at the same time waterfront redevelopment transforms the old waterfront into new residential and commercial neighborhoods. Urgent action is needed to secure more river access points and amenities in order to meet Petaluma’s long-term recreational, educational, and community interests.


The Floathouse is coming!

The Floathouse is coming!

Our first goal is to build The Floathouse, a dock-based small craft rental center in the turning basin in Petaluma, California. Our ultimate goal is to build a public waterfront boathouse in Petaluma to increase public access to the water; provide a center for boating skills, water safety, and environmental education; and support those who use the river for recreation, nature appreciation, and fitness.

PSCC puts butts in boats!


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Who benefits from river access?

Wanderers, voters, birders, swimmers (sometimes unintentionally!) Cyclists, community leaders, water contemplators, kids! Picnickers, collegiate competitors, friends, mud-lovers, tide observers. Rowers, ecologists & biologists, canoeists, businesspeople. Hikers, fishermen and women, homeowners, kayakers, environmental advocates, fitness enthusiasts. Naturalists, coaches, photographers… and what about you?